Hump day!

Got up and hit the gym this morning for strength training. Yes i slept good last night. Thank goodness!!!
No auntie tina it’s not the coffee lol. I’m drinking less than i ever have.

The gym was hard but awesome. I’ve lost another lbs!! Woohoo. I can feel the muscles developing and i am loving my body and starting to feel soooo good!.


My gym bag and blender bottle are pretty much a constant in my car these days hahaha.


I went grocery shopping when i was hungry and got Gardettos or whatever that snack is so i limited my portions.


Lunch was tomato, basil, and mozzarella on this delicious bread from the bakery at Fred Meyers. I also got some aged smoked cheddar YUM!!!!

There was still sun when i got home so Artemis and i went for a little walk run


Had the second half of my leftover salmon for dinner


And now its off to bed so i can hit the  gym even earlier than normal because my trainer instructed me to swim AND spin before work.

Night Night!!

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