I brought my rumning clothes to run at lunch again. By the time i hit a 1/2 mile i knew this was going to suck. My left calf was soooo tight. It hurt!!!

I stopped a few times to stretch it out

At least there are some pretty places around work to run

I pushed and made it to 3 miles. I walked at least 1/3 of the 3 miles

After work i took miss Artemis for a walk

She hasn’t been getting out as much since i have been running at lunch and busy after work. 

After the walk i met my friend at the gym for an easy 30 min strength session. We were both sore so we took it semi-easy.

When i got home from the gym my roommate and i cleaned up the living room. I’ll post picks soon. 

I found my tablet and got it charged so the studying os back on!!

Another accomplished day. And now it is sleep time. Sweet Dreams All!!!

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