Monday Motivation**October 26, 2015



I am recovering from surgery so there are no workouts for me this week.

What is on your workout schedule?

8 thoughts on “Monday Motivation**October 26, 2015

  1. My boy come into town so I haven’t worked out in a couple days. We are headed to pismo with my sis and her husband. Hopefully I can get get him a guest pass to my gym for the week though. We come back tomorrow night, gonna camp on the beach! Never slept in a tent so hope it’s alright! Feel better girly !!

  2. Get better soon! It sucks being stuck recovery! Loved the quote- sleeping like a baby is happening a bit too much for me at the moment- I’m working out so much that my body is craving like 10 hours sleep at night. I keep oversleeping and it’s becoming a nightmare!

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