First day back at work

Its Wednesday!!!! Like everyone else I am celebrating that we are more than halfway through the weekend……yes I am celebrating even though today was my Monday.

Today was my first day back at work post surgery, i went in for 4 hours…..and my hour 2.5 I wanted to curl up in a ball in the bathroom and pass out.

I took half a pain pill, i have a desk job where i sit on my butt, which is where my stitches are. I brought a pillow to sit on. The first hour went by pretty ok, I had to make sure i focused extra good because of the pain pill, i didn’t want to make any stupid mistakes or miss anything. The second hour was still ok, I had a little bit of nausea but was mostly ok.

Then the heat kicked on because it was raining outside and the pain pill took full effect and about every half hour I was running to the bathroom to throw up. I made it to my 4 hours, tied up loose ends and ran out the door to lay down in the car and let my mom drive home.

I got home, laid down, and took a nap. Thankfully the nausea is starting to subside. Tomorrow and Friday i have 5 hours scheduled, fingers crossed i can make it. Tomorrow i am going to try 1/4 pain pill and see if there is less nausea and it still keeps the pain tolerable.

I would like to say days like today really remind me how awesome my job is and how wonderful my coworkers are. They really work with me and genuinely care about my well being, they do not make me feel like just another number in a time clock.

Do you like your job?

Do you like your coworkers?

How was your day?

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