Blue Apron week 1 meal 3, Mushroom Risotto


So during my surgery recovery I tasked my mother with making the 3rd meal from my first Blue Apron box.


20151027_191531 20151027_193412 I love how easy they make the prep work.

20151027_193515 20151027_194033 20151027_194950

Mom did most of the work, but I finished it off because she walked away to answer a phone call. I think she did pretty good though.

20151027_203912 I added extra cheese though because I LOVE cheese, probably too much hahahahaha.

We finished this weeks box just in time because i new box arrived today!!!!!! Normally I anticipate finishing the box much quicker but surgery and recovery put a damper in this weeks box.

I am super excited for this coming weeks box though, everything looks delicious. Next time look for my first experience with Catfish………

Have you ever tried catfish?

Have you jumped on the Blue Apron bandwagon yet? 

What is the last thing you cooked?

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