Its Thursday!!! and Shrimp Perloo

Howdy friends!!!!

I hope everyones day is going good 🙂

Today is my Friday, which rocks, but it also means i have to get everything ready for my co-workers and tie up all loose ends becuase i will be out Friday, Monday and Tuesday due to surgery and recovery. (Hopefully that is all i am out).

So last night i made my first Blue Apron meal, Shrimp Perloo.


Everything came pre-labeled and pre-portioned.


I really like that.

The directions are super easy to follow


My mom and i prepped everything together. Then i did the cooking and plating.


They send you good quality ingrediants.


and they tell you how to plate it so it looks pretty.


It was delicious!!

I read the reviews before i made it so i knew to only use about 1/2 the spices they sent becuase it had a bite to it. I really liked it but my mom, who has no tolerance for spicyness, her eyes were watering a bit hahahahahahaha.

And i am excited it made way more than neccesary. My mom and i both ate until we were full then i packed some for lunch to eat today and put one meal’s worth in the freezer for later. So i got 4 servings out of this!!!

After dinner i hopped on the stationary bike and my mom walked on the treadmill for about 43 min…….aka one episode of grey’s anatamy hahaha.


I am being good and eating fruit today…..though i might have some Annie’s mac and cheese for a snack this afternoon.

Have my last training appt tonight (until i am healed up from surgery) at 7pm.

Have to check in tomorrow at 6am for surgery.

I will try and post tomorrow afternoon if i am not too loopy from the pain meds hahahaha.

How is your day going?

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