My car and Blue apron

Happy hump day!!!!

We are half way through!!!

My car is a 2014 ford focus




That is my cute new car!!!
Signing the paperwork was super stressful and now im extra cautious about driving it.


My first blue apron box came today!!!! I am making the fish meal tonight for me and mom.


I’ll let you know how it goes :mrgreen:

What was your first car purchase?
Do you still have it?
Whats for dinner tonight?

7 thoughts on “My car and Blue apron

  1. I purchased a 2006 Chevy Cobalt my senior year of high school – I really thought it was my “forever” car. Boy was I wrong!

    I also am a subscriber of Blue Apron, I love it. Tonight we had Kale & Jack Quesadillas. They were great! [and spicy] Follow my blog if you want to keep up with my encounters with Blue Apron. 🙂 Congrats on your new car by the way!!

  2. My first car was a ’64 VW bug.Bought it in 1971 and paid $500.00 for it. Loved that car. Drove it everywhere!! Named it “Eyore” as in Winnie the Pooh because the license plate had the letters EOR. Sold it when I got married in 1974 to my then sis-in-law. It’s probably long rusted out because she shipped it to the Big Island where she lived and when she moved back to the mainland she sold it there.

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