Blue Apron week 2 meal 1 Catfish Piccata with Fettuccine

Happy Saturday!!!!

My Blue Apron box came!!!! Once again everything looks soooo good!!!

I was really excited but also very hesitant to try catfish, I have never had it before.


20151028_181036 20151028_181032 20151028_181434 20151028_181038 I had fun cooking this dish. The fresh fettuccine was amazing!

20151028_183116 I was so happy with this dish, it was light and tart. The catfish was sooo good!!! No fishy smell or taste. Next time i would probably add some tomatoes though, i am pasta purest, i think all pasta should have some bit of red in the sauce hahaha.

I even ended up with enough left over for a small lunch, talk about getting your money’s worth!!!!

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