5k Race Review


So on Saturday i ran the Shoc 5K to support ovarian cancer research.


We started and ended at the Gladstone Harley dealer! Thank you Harley Davidson!


The route was really nice, went through some foresty, shaded areas.

There were 2 water stations on the 5k which was really nice but i wish they had spread them farther apart, i was dying for 2 miles then got two water stations in the last mile.

Other than that i liked it.


We got breakfast afterwards! Pancakes, eggs and sausage. There were also bagels and bananas and coffee and water.


Crossing the finish line!!! I ran it in 44:46, which was a 14:28/mile average. That is by no means fast but i am happy with it.
I really liked that not long after i crossed the finish line i got text telling me my time. That was awesome!
Also got an email with a finishers certificate. Personally i reallt liked that.

I’ll be rocking my race shirt at work on Monday 😄

Overall i enjoyed the race, i could tell it was a little bit of a lower budget/smaller operation but i still really enjoyed it. I think I’ll be back next year!!!

Oooh and i got one of the sponsors to evaluate my running gait and tell me i had good shoes for my running! Yay!!!

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