My weekend

I had a good weekend!

Friday night i finished season 6 of True Blood and hit the hay early.
Saturday morning i got up early becasue i had my 5k race to run!


I’ll review the race for you tomorrow.
My awesome roommate C, came and cheered me on at my race!

The rest of Saturday was spent relaxing and watching the Amazing race until i got tired of it and switched the Long way Round hahahahaha!

I made frittatas for the week while watching TV


They exploded a little bit while cooking but still taste good!!!!


I put 4 in the freezer to pull out during the week and left 2 in the fridge for Monday. 

Sunday i again got up early, C and i picked up B and met J to go hiking!!! (I sound like an episode of gossip girl hahahahaha) .


We got a delicious breakfast first then went on a hike that was only like a mile total lol but it was crazy beautiful and crazy to get to. You had to climb a wall of trees and wade through some pools.



Yea we climbed that.  It was fun, we felt very bad ass and adventurous.


The views were insane!!!! No i didnt take this picture, i got it on google.


Obviously we took this one lol


It was freezing!!! But so fun!


It was definitely worth it but very crowded which suprised me. People had their dogs and kids and people were in jeans and stuff. The tree climbing was intense.

Got some food at food carts, came home and relaxed a little then went to see the new mission impossible with my roommates. Whew!!! Active weekend! But so much fun!!!

2 thoughts on “My weekend

  1. Looks like a fun climb!!! David and I went and saw Mission Impossible on Sat. when we picked up our first new window!!!

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