Seattle Rock and Roll race recap

This is my 2nd rock and roll event and I wasn’t disappointed. The atmosphere was upbeat and fun.



The medal is awesome.


The Expo was very well put together and had a lot of great companies show up and lots of great samples to try.

I wish they got us across the start line at little quicker but otherwise all pre-race things were well organized.

Every mile-ish there is a band to pump you up and cheerleaders along the way.

Every about 1.8 miles there were water and/or Gatorade stations.

There were energy chews around mile 8 and a Glucose drink around mile 9.5. I do wish these were more spread out,  like maybe mile 6 and miles 9.5.

Rock and Roll had enough volunteers to make everything run very smoothly.

Both of my rock and roll experiences have been positive and I am looking forward to my next one!!

Vortex 10k race recap.

The vortex 10k was fun but brutal.
It was a really small race which was cool.


This was the entire half marathon group.

So i loved the small group but there was no bag drop or anything like that which i did not like. Though by not having a bag drop i had to keep my phone with me which allowed for a few photos.

Being a trail run there was a lot of mud to get through


I did a fair amount of slipping  and sliding and walking.

By mile 2 i knew this would not be a PR kind of race so i just had fun with it. I love trail run because i always feel a little more adventurous hahahahaha. Plus its super beautiful.

Since it was such a small group i would go a few min at a time not seeing another person


Mile 4. There was some elevation changes in the race so i was dying a bit lol. My calves are still sore.


I had some awesome scenery


The course ended up only being 5.5 miles because construction was going on to rebuild what some storms has washed out. But it was still tough.

Post race food was a beef stew out of #10 cans lol. Very salty. I ate some of the veggies and broth to tide me over.

All in all i enjoyed the race and think i would enjoy running it again next year.



Another bib to add to the wall!!!!


Did you have any races this weekend?

Race review**5k winter series December race

So the 5k race series i signed up for had the first race this past Saturday.


Here is the link.

It was a pretty small race which was really nice. Pretty good swag for a 5k. A long sleeve t-shirt, they put a December patch on it and will add a January and February patches and those races.

They actually had a good amount of food for a 5k as well; bagels, oranges, dave’s killer bread with butter, and some kind of pastry as well as coffee.


Thankfully my new long workout pants had just arrived from fabletics on Friday so i got to stay pretty warm in freezing cold weather.

It was an out and back course with about half of it in a park which was nice. There was one aid station on the course but because it was out and back you got to pass ot twice which was really nice. At the finish line they had gluckos water (or however that energy stuff is spelled).

Post race they had Einstein bagel egg, cheese and bacon, sausage or spinach sandwiches that were awesome!!! It was perfect for post race food!

Overall i was very impressed for a 5k and am really looking forward to the next two races.


Race Review**Pints to Pasta 10k 2015

Happy Tuesday!!!

Ok the race review.

This is the first race i ever went to completely by myself, no one to run with and no cheerleader on the sideline. That was empowering but also not as much fun.

I knew from the beginning it was not going to be a great race day for me, you know when you just get that feeling?

I didn’t want to get up early then my google maps app took me all over the place so i got there with like 15 min to spare to pick up my bib# before i was supposed to board the shuttle to the start line. Parking was crazy and i had to walk a little ways to get to the race area.

This was the first year they added on the half marathon which added a whole new logistical thing for them. So the half marathon started at the spaghetti factory and was out and back. The 10k people were shuttled to the 6 mile point and our timing chips started from there and we ran to the finish line.

So i got there and got my bib about 6:50, the last shuttle was supposed to depart at 7:00……..the line was wrapped around the parking lot several times.

The half marathon started pretty much on time at 7:35. The 10k was supposed to start at 7:30 but was pushed to 7:50 because of the line of people. 7:50 came and went and i was still in line for the shuttle as were several hundred other people. They said not to worry, that our timing chip would start counting once we crossed the start line.

45 minutes later i am still in line waiting for a shuttle……..the first 10k finishers start crossing the finish line…….that so didn’t help my mood. I finally got on a shuttle and started the race.

This was a killer race for me, my legs were so tight it hurt, I did a lot of walking/slow jogging. My goal was a 1:30 time for this race (yes i run slower than a turtle walks) but with all the pain and walking and hills i figured i was more like 1:45. Got my time later that day…….1:29:44, wooohoooo!!!! Beat my goal my 16 seconds. I know that doesnt sound like a lot, but it was huge for me, especially on that day.


This is oregon so of course the top of the medal is a bottle opener hahaha.

Post race they had spaghetti with mariara sauce and spaghetti with oil and cheese. They also had salad with a balsalmic vinegrette. I was dying so i only ate a little but it was actually pretty delicious.

Overall i wanted to die but i enjoyed the race and the post race festivities, however i think they need to work on their planning for future years.

Today’s capsule wardrobe:

Maroon jeggins, navy long sleeve shirt, and black ballet flats


I super love the sleeves of this top


How is your day going? 

What did you do to workout today?

I swam for about 45 min with my trainer running drills.

5k Race Review


So on Saturday i ran the Shoc 5K to support ovarian cancer research.


We started and ended at the Gladstone Harley dealer! Thank you Harley Davidson!


The route was really nice, went through some foresty, shaded areas.

There were 2 water stations on the 5k which was really nice but i wish they had spread them farther apart, i was dying for 2 miles then got two water stations in the last mile.

Other than that i liked it.


We got breakfast afterwards! Pancakes, eggs and sausage. There were also bagels and bananas and coffee and water.


Crossing the finish line!!! I ran it in 44:46, which was a 14:28/mile average. That is by no means fast but i am happy with it.
I really liked that not long after i crossed the finish line i got text telling me my time. That was awesome!
Also got an email with a finishers certificate. Personally i reallt liked that.

I’ll be rocking my race shirt at work on Monday 😄

Overall i enjoyed the race, i could tell it was a little bit of a lower budget/smaller operation but i still really enjoyed it. I think I’ll be back next year!!!

Oooh and i got one of the sponsors to evaluate my running gait and tell me i had good shoes for my running! Yay!!!