Vortex 10k race recap.

The vortex 10k was fun but brutal.
It was a really small race which was cool.


This was the entire half marathon group.

So i loved the small group but there was no bag drop or anything like that which i did not like. Though by not having a bag drop i had to keep my phone with me which allowed for a few photos.

Being a trail run there was a lot of mud to get through


I did a fair amount of slipping  and sliding and walking.

By mile 2 i knew this would not be a PR kind of race so i just had fun with it. I love trail run because i always feel a little more adventurous hahahahaha. Plus its super beautiful.

Since it was such a small group i would go a few min at a time not seeing another person


Mile 4. There was some elevation changes in the race so i was dying a bit lol. My calves are still sore.


I had some awesome scenery


The course ended up only being 5.5 miles because construction was going on to rebuild what some storms has washed out. But it was still tough.

Post race food was a beef stew out of #10 cans lol. Very salty. I ate some of the veggies and broth to tide me over.

All in all i enjoyed the race and think i would enjoy running it again next year.



Another bib to add to the wall!!!!


Did you have any races this weekend?

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