Seattle Rock and Roll race recap

This is my 2nd rock and roll event and I wasn’t disappointed. The atmosphere was upbeat and fun.



The medal is awesome.


The Expo was very well put together and had a lot of great companies show up and lots of great samples to try.

I wish they got us across the start line at little quicker but otherwise all pre-race things were well organized.

Every mile-ish there is a band to pump you up and cheerleaders along the way.

Every about 1.8 miles there were water and/or Gatorade stations.

There were energy chews around mile 8 and a Glucose drink around mile 9.5. I do wish these were more spread out,  like maybe mile 6 and miles 9.5.

Rock and Roll had enough volunteers to make everything run very smoothly.

Both of my rock and roll experiences have been positive and I am looking forward to my next one!!

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