Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon Seattle part 2

Saturday morning we got up super early, about 4:40 and were out the door by about 5:15. Thankfully since the solstice is so close the sun was starting to rise so we had a little light. We hopped on the bus and head into downtown. Every few stops another runner got on the bus lol. We got there just after six and walked about 2 blocks to the space needle where the start line was. We did all the normal stuff, drank some water, bag drop all that. I was able to get down most of my protien shake and a few bites of a blueberry muffin then nerves got the best of me and I wasn’t hungry. 

I made my way to my Corral, which was waaaaaaay back from the start lol



The start was delayed 15 min so the first wave went at 7:15……..I crossed the start line at about 8:05 lol.

Yea it was a big race lol. I waited so long that my nerves dissipated and hunger struck. Thankfully my mom had most of our stuff with her so I had the snacks I had bought at the Expo the day before.


This was my first time eating one of the waffles and it was DAMN good. I am so stoked I bought this.

So I crossed the start line and was doing awesome! My PR is 2:57 and I was on track for a 2:45 finish. I hit mile 6 still on pace feeling pretty good


Mile 8 was the last mile I hit on that target time


Then I started hurting and miles went from about 12:30 to 15:00-16:00. 

Mile 9 was the Blue Mile, honoring our fallen service men and women. It was very moving and I refused to walk during the about quarter mile that people were holding the flag up.

After that I walked most of mile 10 but ran most of mile 13 which thank goodness was mostly downhill. And of course I picked up speed the last .2 miles.


My medal!!!! I earned this one lol. Every step from mile 9 on was painful.

Mom and I relaxed at Starbucks for a bit and I sponged off in the bathroom and changed clothes lol. My step dad met us and we got lunch then they dropped me off at Amtrack and I was able to get on a train about 3.5hours earlier than I had planned which was super awesome!
I got home about 7:30pm instead of midnight.

So that was my weekend! Sunday I happily did nothing but sit on my butt.

I’ll review the race tomorrow.

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