Seattle Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon 2016

Up early Friday morning to catch a cab to the nearby town center. There I took the transit system


To Portland Union Station


Which is actually pretty nice. At least the building is lol the surrounding area not as much.


The breakfast of champions.

The lunch of a desperate person lol


A microwaved hot dog.

My mom met me at the Amtrack station in Seattle. Just next door is the Seahawk stadium


Where the health and fitness expo is.



I got a bag full of samples and swag from the Expo.


After the Expo mom and I got a light lunch then took a taxi to our Air B&B accommodations.
We had some fun mishaps trying to take a bus to find some food


After 2 buses and probably a mile and a half of walking we settled on the next restaurant we walked in front of…..I know GASP, eating someplace unknown the night before a big race, thankfully it all workout ok.


I went with the simplest thing possible.

After dinner we headed back, got everything ready for my race the next morning and passed out.

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