Happy Thursday!!

Today was a pretty good day overall. I got up and made it to spin class today whichwas awesome and totally killed me.



Started off really well this morning!!


I start half marathon training next week!!! I need to do a post about all my planned races.


When i dont walk for an hour a red bar appears and my garmin buzzes at me.


Dinner was homemade pizza!!! Though i ate 1 more slice than i should have lol.


Yay i hit my goal!!!!

And i figured out the calories. That is how many calories i have burned all day, including just living, breathing, and body function. 

Ok sleep time for me!

Have you ever made homemade pizza?

Do you sleep in silence, with music, with TV or what?
I do tv with the light dimmed or music.

4 thoughts on “Happy Thursday!!

  1. Home made pizza is the best. We have a pizza stone which does give a better flavor but it’s not necessary. I love pizza!!!
    Me and Tim usually leave the tv on but set a timer for about hour and half – two hours and I have set some frameless candles on a five hour timer that ends at about 1130. I placed those around the bedroom, office room and landing. Then we turn off all the lights.
    The flawless candles are really nice. And one of the sets I have has a remote and a 5-10 hour timer on them too. And once you set them they come on on there own until the batteries run out. Lol.

      1. She has frameless and flawless candles, but no flameless candles….. Bahaha sorry, I couldn’t resist. I just bought some flameless candles this past week, but haven’t tried them yet.
        As far as falling asleep, before marriage I set timer on tv. After marriage, it’s a fan to drown out all the outside noise. Now when I wake up in the middle of the night, I have to lay there until I hopefully fall asleep again or get up and go into living room and get on computer or watch netflix. lol

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