Wednesday Wonderings

Happy hump day!!! We are more than half way done with the week!!!


Was at the gym at 5am for a swim session.



Enjoyed a bagel from Starbucks for 2nd breakfast (i had a protien bar before my workout). I threw away 1/4 of the bagel before I even started eating it. I never need the whole thing to be full but i always eat the whole thing which is just empty calories.


Running calendar


I ran out of CoQ10 over a week ago and just had more delivered!



Yay my Garmin came!!! I love it already and can’t wait to see how it does  in spin class tomorrow!


Already walked a few steps! Though i need to figure out the calories cause thats so not right.


Loving my triathlete journal. It keeps me honest and i can really watch and conpare my workouts and patterns.

How was your Wednesday?

How have your workouts been?

Do you journal?

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