TGIF/Farming Fridays

Happy Friday!!!!!!


Todays running tip. This is actually a good idea the way they do this, especially since i dont have any ice packs.


Found this on pintrest and i’m pretty stoked with how it turned out.



I got compliments on my hair today.


She will chew anything.


Half marathon training starts in earnest next week!

I ordered some seeds!!


Next month i will start the indoor sow.
Here are the seeds I’ve boughten so far



I can’t wait to see if this corn turns out!!!

2 thoughts on “TGIF/Farming Fridays

  1. I can’t believe she ate the scarf!!! Guess you need to keep your floor picked up all the time now!!
    I absolutely LOVE the hair style!! One suggestion, where you see the bobby pin in back, how about getting a decorative bobby pin maybe with little diamonds or a small flower or butterfly?? Would look really good on a date!!!

  2. It is impossible for me to keep my floor cleaned up all times. You’ve seen my room, i dont have enough storage for everything.

    Yea little diamond bobby pins would work if it was a black tie event! lol. I feel like that looks way to dressy for an everyday look.

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