Date Night

So the plan was to wake up early and get to the pool and swim before spin class. But 4:30am came and i so did not want to get out of bed. So i didn’t lol. I slept in and cuddled with my dog until 5:10 then jumped up and rushed to get ready and walked into spin class 5 min late.



I left spin class 5 min early to change and hit the pool.


My tracking messed up i think i hit 600m but oh well.

Then off to a day of work. Then i met a guy from Eharmony for dinner. I didn’t have super high hopes and i didn’t think he was that great looking in his pictures (though i am learning the older i get that personality and clicking im person is becoming more and more important), also we didn’t talk that much before meeting so i didn’t have much invested. We went to a nice little place in Oregon city, the conversation flowed well and he was nice. I didn’t feel the immediate desire to jump his bones (which is probably a good thing lol it will allow me to think clearer) but i would be happy to see him again.

And with that it is bed time for me. No AM workout tomorrow but that means if im asleep in the next 20 min i can get 9 hours!!!!!!!

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