A satisfying Wednesday night


Well i got home at about 6:10 today and Blue Apron was waiting for me!!


You probably noticed i hadn’t had blue apron in awhile. It got to the point where i wasnt cooking everything or i didn’t love everything. Dont get me wrong, nothing was ever bad just some of it wasn’t to my taste so i was wasting things. And at $60/box that was unacceptable. So i took some time off and now my rule for myself is, id every meal in the box doesn’t look amazing then i skip it.


Tonights meal (though im not eating it tonight)


While cooking i managed to get a load of laundry washed and in the drying and a 2nd load into the washer.


Garlic and almonds (i added onion)


Add kale.
I added some aspargus, yellow squash and zucchink squash that i had in the fridge.


I also had an extra salmon fillet in the freezer i thawed and cooked. With my few additions i made this into 3 meals instead of 2 :mrgreen:


Lunch tomorrow :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
Though i didnt eat it tonight i did taste it and YUM!!!! The freekah (grain thing) with the fresh veggies and lemon juice perfectly balances the spiced salmon. At least in my opinion.
And 2 helpings went in the freezer. 

I also emptied the dishwasher and got another load started. And now 3 hours after i got home its time for bed so i can get up and workout in the AM before work.

Sweet dreams!!!!!
What does a productive night look like for you?

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