Week catch-up 

Monday I had 4 miles on my schedule but my IT band was still so tight even after rolling it twice so I got 1 miles done then switched to the elliptical machine for the last 3. More foam rolling needs to happen. 

My roommates dog joined me for a little studying and I got 2 letters written and in the mailbox to friends. 

I have used this torture device about 4 times so far this past week. It is definitely helping but I haven’t completely released the muscle. A few more rolls and I should be good. 

Got my organics2you box!!! There was so much stuff in it!

These blood oranges have been awesome because of course I got sick!!! Ugh. Th3 cold finally got me. 

This onion is huge!!! It’s the size of like 3 normal ones!!

Red cabbage, really nice and crisp 


Celery root




Fuji apples


Green onions

Beautiful yukon gold potatoes

Then I kept finding more and more potatoes at the bottom of the box.

So far I have made veggie pasta (it is a recipe from alicia Silverstone’s cookbook called rustic pasta) and veggie stir-fry with yakisoba noodles. 

Tonight I’m making veggie fried rice. 

How was your week?

Weekend Wrap-up 

Let’s see Thursday i had class the hit the gym to train with my friend. After strength training we hit the treadmills, i watched Grey’s Anatomy and ran

I did intervals 

Friday the boyfriend came over, we took Artemis to the dog park the ran some errands. 

We went out to dinner and got Thai food. I got pineapple fried rice and he got pad thai……..they put curry in my pineapple fried rice!!!!! That was so not listed in the ingredients and I am not a big fan of curry, thankfully the boyfriend is and he very gallantly traded dinner with me.  Afterwards we hit the bar for a pre-movie cocktail, this was probably my second drink of the year hahahahaha, I don’t drink much. Then we headed to the movie and saw Fifty Shades Darker. I enjoyed it. 

Saturday I made us chips and dip, a delicious but simple dip my mom always made. Cream cheese on the bottom then mild diced green chilis add chili on top of that and cheese on top of that and bake in the oven at 375-400 until the sides bubble. 

Then we went mini-golfing

He completely decimated me. 

Saturday night we made homemade pizzas

I am also babysitting my roommates dog this weekend, he says hi

Today was relaxing. We met my friend at the park and went for a run


I am quite happy, my goal for the week was 9 miles and my weekly total was 10.6!!

That brings my yearly total to 41.6. 

My goal for next week is 12 miles. 

And now it’s study time!!! My midterm is on Tuesday, wish me luck!!!!!

How was your weekend?

Day 1 back to school!

I had a nice easy morning. I finally finished the last chapter in my personal training certification program, now i do some extra studying for the next 1.5 weeks and schedule the exam. 

In the afternoon I had my first lab for biology 101

After class i had a healthy snack

And headed to the gym. Got in a 2.5 mile run

Did some speed intervals 

Dinner was leftover beef and brocolli 

Found the recipe on pintrest 

It was delicious. 

I hoped into bed early and put in a movie

A little sex and the city movie on my ancient but still thankfully functioning TV. 

I had a little snack of doritos and croutons lol

This weekend I am hitting the bulk bins at Winco to make myself a healthy-ish and delicious trail mix to snack on. 

And now its early to bed so I can early to rise for my 8am class. 

Have you worked out lately?

Any new life adventures for you?

Blue Apron meal 3

I love Mexican food so i was really excited for this…..well i was excited but skeptical, a healthy enchilada??

Did all my meal prep

The house smelled amazing while everything cooked

I love cheese

Overall they tasted good but I need a lot more cheese. I made extra enchiladas to put in the freezer so I might buy some less healthy enchiladas and mix them with the healthy ones. One unhealthy and one healthy enchilada is better than two unhealthy enchiladas right?

Blue Apron day 2 and studying

Happy Hump day!!! The week is now more than half over, woot woot!!

This morning I got the call that i wasn’t needed for package delivery today…….HALLELUJAH!!!!!! My right forearm and right butt cheek have noce bruises on them from a good fall yesterday.  

I got to relax and sort of sleep in this morning then make myself a delicious breakfast sandwich. 

After that came studying. I was actually really looking forward to studying today hahahaha. 

I got through one module then took a break and did the reading on a second module. I got up to cook my Blue Apron meal.

There are short lecture videos and activities that come with studying so I did a little multitasking 

Yep, I had videos playing while I cooked. 

I got through 2 entire modules and a practice midterm today. 

Here is the finished food product 

In the PM I started to read one of my mom’s presents to me

I am so excited to garden this year. It will be a noce break between working and studying. 

And I am soooo looking forward to all the amazing meals I will be able to cook with fresh food. The amazing boyfriend has agreed to help me with the garden as well 🙂 added bonus. 

Have you ever had straight off the vine/branch/stem/out of the ground food? 

TGIF and blue apron

Happy Friday!!!!

It was a long crazy day at work.



Yep chips and soda, thats the kind of day it was at work. I definitely think i am fighting something off. I woke up in the middle of the night last nighy very nauseas and feeling like crap and i had a headache all day that ibuprofen is barely denting. I have also had that slight pink to my cheeks that accompanies a fever. Uh oh.

In a happier note i made my 2nd blue apron dish of this week and it is SUPER delicious!






I always add extra pasta to get an extra helping out of it hehehehe



The finished product.
Then i added a little extra cheese and a smidge of red sauce


This dish is awesome and is most definitely a recipe i will be holding on to.  And now I am going to pass out because i work tomorrow and i am already exhausted. 

A satisfying Wednesday night


Well i got home at about 6:10 today and Blue Apron was waiting for me!!


You probably noticed i hadn’t had blue apron in awhile. It got to the point where i wasnt cooking everything or i didn’t love everything. Dont get me wrong, nothing was ever bad just some of it wasn’t to my taste so i was wasting things. And at $60/box that was unacceptable. So i took some time off and now my rule for myself is, id every meal in the box doesn’t look amazing then i skip it.


Tonights meal (though im not eating it tonight)


While cooking i managed to get a load of laundry washed and in the drying and a 2nd load into the washer.


Garlic and almonds (i added onion)


Add kale.
I added some aspargus, yellow squash and zucchink squash that i had in the fridge.


I also had an extra salmon fillet in the freezer i thawed and cooked. With my few additions i made this into 3 meals instead of 2 :mrgreen:


Lunch tomorrow :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
Though i didnt eat it tonight i did taste it and YUM!!!! The freekah (grain thing) with the fresh veggies and lemon juice perfectly balances the spiced salmon. At least in my opinion.
And 2 helpings went in the freezer. 

I also emptied the dishwasher and got another load started. And now 3 hours after i got home its time for bed so i can get up and workout in the AM before work.

Sweet dreams!!!!!
What does a productive night look like for you?