Organics to you!!

Got my next organics to you box today!

Here is what i got


Swiss chard

Bananas, they will need a few days to ripen though




Another GIANT onion




And lots of baby potatoes! 

I made a gourmet grilled cheese for lunch

Sourdough bread with Provalone cheese 

Cheddar cheese




And a little extra flavor

It fell apart a little while cooking but was delicious!!!!!

I had some potato and roasted leek soup on the side. 

Artemis got a clean bill of health from the vet, she had her yearly checkup. 

And i took my biology final today, i feel good about it so fingers crossed. 

And now its time for me to wind down because i need to be up at the crack of dawn. Goodnight!

Week catch-upĀ 

Monday I had 4 miles on my schedule but my IT band was still so tight even after rolling it twice so I got 1 miles done then switched to the elliptical machine for the last 3. More foam rolling needs to happen. 

My roommates dog joined me for a little studying and I got 2 letters written and in the mailbox to friends. 

I have used this torture device about 4 times so far this past week. It is definitely helping but I haven’t completely released the muscle. A few more rolls and I should be good. 

Got my organics2you box!!! There was so much stuff in it!

These blood oranges have been awesome because of course I got sick!!! Ugh. Th3 cold finally got me. 

This onion is huge!!! It’s the size of like 3 normal ones!!

Red cabbage, really nice and crisp 


Celery root




Fuji apples


Green onions

Beautiful yukon gold potatoes

Then I kept finding more and more potatoes at the bottom of the box.

So far I have made veggie pasta (it is a recipe from alicia Silverstone’s cookbook called rustic pasta) and veggie stir-fry with yakisoba noodles. 

Tonight I’m making veggie fried rice. 

How was your week?

Organics to you

Happy Wednesday!!!

Yesterday i got my firat organicstoyou box since being home.
The link above will take you to their website.
I am so excited to start this service back up! Fresh fruits, veggies, bread and eggs will be delivered to me every other Tuesday.
If you live in the Portland area this is a great company to look into.

Look forward to some pictures of the great produce i get and the delicious things i make with it!