A day of planned meals

Happy Thursday!!!!

Though i am writing this Wednesday night. It’s 8:20pm and i am in bed getting ready to pass out. I have a 5:30am training session in the pool. Oh the things we do to train. I am only doing blue apron every 2-3 weeks now so it is time to start meal planning again. It was time anyways if i want to lose some weight and start gearing up my training for an epic race year…..well epic for me Hahahaha.

Here is my meal plan for tomorrow.


Protien bar before my pool workout. They are easy to digest and are light.


Hitting Starbucks after my workout because ill have plenty of time to kill between workout and work.


Morning snack, all cut up and ready to go.


Lunch: a leftover blue apron dinner that i froze. North African shrimp cous cous.


Afternoon snack: energy balls. Found the recipe on pintrest today. Though i made something a lot like it for the trail as well. So simple. Peanut butter, chocolate protein powder (vega for me), oats, honey, and mini chocolate chips (vegan for me) mix and enjoy!
I might have part of a naked juice blueberry protien smoothie if I’m still hungry.


Dinner will be what i have been gobbling up lately. Egg, cheese and veggie sandwich on a whole wheat english muffin. Though i picked up some salsa today so it will be extra yummy!

I usually leave the tv to fall alseep too. Generally a movie i have watched a millions before. Just for some background noise. Tonight choice is


Don’t judge lol.

I just bought this!


And am excited to watch it tomorrow night and compare it to the book!

Also while drifting off i am flipping through this:


Seeing of anything is nearby that i can do in  2016.

Do you plan your meals?
Do you want tv to go to sleep? Or listen to music? Or do you like silence?

One thought on “A day of planned meals

  1. That looks amazing! I’ve had a hectic week- new job, freelancing work and a family emergency- and I’ve been eating out so much! I have the healthy options but it’s expensive and I’ve really missed cooking for myself!

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