Stitchfix #2!!!!

K first i have to show you this sunflowe in a can i got at target


I have followed the directions and…..


It’s sprouting!!! So excited!


My coworker lent me the knome….nome…how do you spell that?

Ok now the good stuff, the stitchfix!!!

My stylist nailed it this time!!!!!! It was so hard not to keep it all!

So first there were magenta crop pants which thankfully were a little too small or i may have kept the whole order and got the 5 peice 25% discount. Obviously i sent them back.


I actually really liked this purse but i tend to use one purse until its falling apart before i buy another one so i sent it back.


I did really like this blazer as well, but i have 2 blazers so i couldn’t justify buying it.

Now for the 2 items i did keep…….


I love the pattern on this and the fit. I kept this.


This was my favorite thing! The pattern is so fun and great for spring. And sooooo comfortable. Its stretchy material.

So i kept those 2 items and my $20 styling fee went toward these.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Stitchfix #2!!!!

    1. This was my 2nd box. My first box wasn’t such a hit lol. But i left feedback on each item and why i didnt like it or why it wasnt something i was comfortable in and talked a little bit more about my style and so box #2 was spot on. I can’t wait to see what they send next!!!

  1. The dress is super cute. I just started stitch fix about a week ago. I was accidentally sent two fixes by two different stylist. I was charged 2x styling fee with no refund in sight since according to them it was an error on my part. Anyhow I thought it was great, the hubby was another story. Check out my review if you get a chance.

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