Bridal shower! 2 weeks until the wedding and sickness!!!

Taco salads have made an appearance over here again. So easy for lunch and last minute/running late mornings. It is just lettuce, salsa chicken (throw chicken and salsa in a crockpot and let it cook on low for 6 hours or high for 3 until you can shred it and voila), cheese and hot mild sauce.

Mom was in town this weekend!!! We all went out to breakfast!

Word of Mouth Cafe in Salem is AMAZING!!!!!

I got biscuits and gravy with bacon and eggs.

He got creme brulee french toast with corned beef hash, eggs and bacon

mom got the creme brulee french toast with bacon and eggs

someone got me sick!!!! Fighting off a narly cold over here!

My Bridal shower!!!

The guys showed up at the end and football got turned on hahahhhhaah!!

Dress and Necklace from Stitchfix!

My bridal shower was perfect! My wonderful soon to be in-laws put it on for me, it was fun but low key which is perfect for me. There was delicious food and drink and I got some amazing gifts!!! Moments like this are so surreal!!!! I’m really getting married in just 2ish short weeks!!! So crazy!!!!! Makes me have heart palpitations hahahahahahahaha!!!

more soup eating while i have been sick

This shirt also came in my fix, i LOVE it!! it is a beautiful plum color. How sexy is that neck!!!!???

Here is a closeup of the detail on the leggings. so cute and so comfy!!!

and here is a close up of the necklace.

I also got a jacket but it was a little big so sent it back to exchange it for a smaller size, i will show you when i get it back.

Use this link to try stitchfix and get $25 towards your first fix!

Another great fix from stichfix!!!! now to lose another 14lbs so i can treat myself to another box!!! I am currently at 164. when i hit 150 I’ll order another box!!! talk about motivation!!!!

Now my alarm is going off and i have to get ready for my first practicum!!!! Stay tuned for details about that on Friday!!


Stitch Fix for Europe!!!

Good morning!!!

Europe is coming up quick and after asking my roommate about her packing situation and realizing we have 2 formal dinners on the cruise I thought I might need a little more style to add to my wardrobe for the trip. So I my clothes will be have stylish have workout clothes hahaha. I ordered a stichfix and for the first time gave them a dollar amount that I needed to stay with and they totally listened! She was actually $1 under my budget! I was impressed. But I won’t be keeping the whole box unfortunately. I wish they gave you like 10 things instead of 5. But here is what was in the box:

This necklace is actually on point for my style but so much so that I have at least 2 necklaces that are pretty similar hahaha.

This doesn’t wow me or unwow me. I have been starting to lose weight so in another 10lbs it will look totally cute but I have a few things in this style already.

LOVE this shirt, it is cute and comfy and has Polka Dots which are totally my jam. It is adorable and conservative so I can wear it to the more strict dress code places in Europe like Vatican City. and it is loose a breezy so I shouldn’t be dying on a hot day. This is definitely a keeper.

This dress is the style I love, its empire waist-like and its a dark green color which I love, it would be great in fall with leggings and boots and I like the neckline design, it makes it cute but still classy because it doesn’t really show cleavage. But again I have a dress pretty similar to this so I unfortunately don’t need to spend the extra money on something similar.

The fifth piece is this kimono cover thing. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it. I can see how it would be cute with jeans and a tank top in the fall and the colors are great but I am not 100% sold on it. And if my first thought isn’t “omg I have to have it” then it goes back.

That leaves me with the polka dot shirt. Maybe I will check out target and some discount websites.


Have you tried Stitchfix yet?

Here is my referral code if you have not.



StitchFix business edition

Hi!!!! You all know I love stitchfix, if you want to try it follow this link:

There is no commitment, you can cancel or pause anytime you want.

As I have said I am working full time now and the job I got requires me to dress business professional. I had one jacket/blazer (from stitchfix actually hahaha) and one pair of dress pants. I had a few shirts I could rotate around but that is it. My roommate lent me a pair of pants and two blazers indefinitely but even that addition to my wardrobe meant that by the end of the week my clothes were starting to stink a bit. Especially when you factor in that my jacket gets folded up in my bag on top of my lunch either for the ride to and from my car on the train or that plus the 1.5 hours I am in class, that didn’t help the smell.

With all that said, I went to stitchfix, I hadn’t gotten a fix since last august since I have been broke, but I said I wanted a fix, let a note for my stylist that I needed work clothes and this is what I got:


White lace detail top and black (stretch and comfy!) dress pants 

Green sort of pleated top, love the deep green color

Super comfy, again slightly stretchy, navy blazer

And this skirt. Again super stretchy and comfortable. 
I love it all and am keeping it all!!!! Shout out to my aunt for sending me a little money for my bday which helped me pay for it!!!!



Saturday stuff

I didn’t set an alarm this morning and did it was wonderful. I love sleeping in. Of course now sleeping in for me is 8am so yea.

Roommate and I took the dogs to the dog park, then off we headed to the gym




I also did the stair master for 7 min. That sh*t is tough!!!

After that my day was spent just relaxing and spending time with my dog since I’ve been out late the last 2 nights.

I made a yummy lunch (with lots of leftovers, happy face)


And treated myself to a Starbucks


My last one as I am going to try to cut out all refined sugar.  One day at a time Ariana, heck one meal at a time for me.

Then Stitchfix showed up! The only bad thing is it showed up early and I am broke until payday next Friday. Thankfully most of it is not flattering this box around. The only thing I wish I could have kept is the dress.


Skirt. It has pockets which is awesome and is semi pleated but doesn’t rock my world


A close up of the top, so unflattering


Another top,  again it just doesn’t sit well on my body. Like at all.



The dress. I actually like it and it’s not something I would normally wear so I would have loved to push myself outside my comfort zone but oh well, maybe next time. So I kept nothing and will send it all back next week.
Oh and there was a jacket I forgot to take a picture of but it was too big.


Mmmmm breakfast for dinner.


Just started reading this. So far I like it.

How was your Saturday?

How much does it suck to live paycheck to paycheck?
A lot!!!
What are you reading right now?

What is the last piece of clothing you bought?

Stitchfix #2!!!!

K first i have to show you this sunflowe in a can i got at target


I have followed the directions and…..


It’s sprouting!!! So excited!


My coworker lent me the knome….nome…how do you spell that?

Ok now the good stuff, the stitchfix!!!

My stylist nailed it this time!!!!!! It was so hard not to keep it all!

So first there were magenta crop pants which thankfully were a little too small or i may have kept the whole order and got the 5 peice 25% discount. Obviously i sent them back.


I actually really liked this purse but i tend to use one purse until its falling apart before i buy another one so i sent it back.


I did really like this blazer as well, but i have 2 blazers so i couldn’t justify buying it.

Now for the 2 items i did keep…….


I love the pattern on this and the fit. I kept this.


This was my favorite thing! The pattern is so fun and great for spring. And sooooo comfortable. Its stretchy material.

So i kept those 2 items and my $20 styling fee went toward these.

What do you think?

Stitch Fix!!!!

Tomorrow is Friday!!!! Yay!!!!

I got my butt up and went to spin this morning


I was good and had fruit for breakfast


Now for the fun stuff……i got my first Stitch Fix box!!!!!
So in it were a pair of jeans that actually fit perfectly (i can barely do that in the store how did they manage it?) but i just bought myself 2 new pairs of jeans so i can’t justify keeping them.
2nd was this necklace


Which i like but would probably never wear (though i will to work tomorrow lol)
3rd was this top


I like the lace detailing on the sleeves but it does nothing for me so it will be going back.
4th was this top


Which does NOTHING for me
and 5th is this top


I actually really like this top but don’t know if it does anything for me. I am going to wear it tomorrow with the necklace, jeans and boots and see how i feel. This is the only thing i would consider keeping from this box.
I would love your opinion please?
Do you like this top on me?
Yes please be honest.