2018 run calendar

These are the races that Brandon and I currently have on our calendar. As I have learned things are always changing so we might end up adding or taking away from this list.

-Couples classic 5k in February

-Vortex 10k trail run in March

-Honeywagon Half marathon in April

-Banks Linear Trail Brave Run 10K in May (haven’t registered yet)

-Timberline marathon in June

-Rugged Maniac in June (we are planning to volunteer in the morning and run for free in the afternoon) (this is taking place of a July race)

-Spartan Sprint in August (again we are hoping to volunteer in the AM and run for free in the PM)

-Hardesty Hardcore 14 miler in September (haven’t registered yet)

-Defiance 50k in October

Those are the only ones officially on our race calendar but I am hoping to find a few more that we can add, for the right price. Money is really the biggest factor. Since we bought a house funds are limited and now all race entries are for 2 people instead of just one, cost is all the more important these days.

4 weeks until school starts.

bookThat book costs how much???

And the time has come to start pricing books and looking for less expensive options. Hopefully amazon has it listed for much less expensive than it says here.

Ok I just looked and the same book is used for all 3 anatomy classes I have to take (at least at this school) remember how I am enrolled in both community colleges since I am not sure where I am going to end up. Lets see what the other school says, The other school is about $50 cheaper in their bookstore and of course it is a different book.

Let’s hope in the next 2-3 weeks it becomes a little more clear where I will be taking the class. It is highway robbery about much textbooks (and everything to do with school for that matter) costs.

That is where I am at for now. Time is ticking down quickly!!


My budget in conclusion

The dread pirate Roberts (or as we call it, the summer cold) has struck! Just days before I head out on my next adventure so I am spending most of my free time asleep.


My only expenditure was re-upping my dogs wellness plan as well as her flea medication prescription oh and I got her some enzyme chew things because I am terrible about brushing her teeth. Total subtracted from checking: $62.44



And then it all goes away….Expenditures:

$66.00 on clothes

$10.29 at target for airplane friendly toiletries

$43.63 at REI on a new sports bra (my others are all 2-3+ years old) and energy gels to help me keep going on the long crazy days

$7.99 at Barnes and Noble……because I have a problem with books (but I had just donated 2 boxes worth of books to Good Will so buying one new book balances out right?)

All bills sent out taking down to less than $200 in my account again.


$9.05 coffee and a breakfast sandwich

$15.00 transferred to my Starbucks card for all the airport coffee I’ll need during traveling.

$10.85 at panda express

I am too tired from being sick to color code it. But overall I don’t feel to bad about these 3 days. A few things could have definitely been cut though.


The budget continues


Starting checking balance: $168.67

Balance on credit card

1: 3 payments from being paid off!!!

2: $200 over limit

3: at limit

-5.00 from checking for trimet to get to work

+100 from check

-24.84 from checking for dog food and human food (necessity)

-66.00 on clothing purchase (impulse but I had been looking for a few more comfortable pieces to take to Europe so)

-19.95 for weight watchers (I need to take some serious consideration on this because I am not using it as faithfully as I should and if I don’t get back on the band wagon this month then I need to get rid of it because I am wasting money)

ending checking balance: $152.88

Balance on credit card

1: Same

2: same

3: same



Starting checking balance: $152.88

Balance on credit card

1: 3 payments from being paid off!!!

2: $200 over limit

3: at limit

-5.00 from checking for trimet to get to work (necessity)

-7.00 from checking for taco bell (impulse, I could not eat the same meal for the 5th time this week)

Starting checking balance: $140.88

Balance on credit card

1: Same

2: Same

3: Same


These were almost really good days. I like looking at my spending like this because it really forces me to think about what I have been spending and why and where I can make improvements.

Budget check-in

Starting checking balance: $220.17

Balance on credit card

1: close to paying off. 3 more payments

2: $200 over limit

3: at limit


-40.00 from checking account for Groupon purchase (impulse buy, I have wanted to try an escape room for awhile now and decided to buy a Groupon for the bf and I now while I still have a few pennies to spare because once the apt happens and when I get back from the trip I have no extra pennies so I impulsively bought it now) IT is good for 120 days so I think it will be good in like 3 months to pull out of my back pocket when we are both sick of not having money to do anything.

Ending checking balance: $180.17

Balance on credit card

1: Same as starting

2: same as starting

3: same as starting


Starting checking balance: $180.17

Balance on credit card

1: close to paying off. 3 more payments

2: $200 over limit

3: at limit

-5.00 from checking for trimet ticket (this is how I get to work 3 days out of the week)

-6.50 from checking for plastic forks and study candy (I needed the forks because like a total blonde I forgot a fork for my dinner, I do this about once a month so it was probably a good investment to keep in my backpack. No good explanation for the candy)

Ending checking balance: $168.67

Balance on credit card

1: Same as starting

2: same as starting

3: same as starting


The Groupon purchase was impulsive, hopefully I wont regret that $40 loss before I get paid again and hopfully we will super enjoy it when the time comes and the $6.50 was unfortunate but at least half necessary.


Let’s see where I can pinch some pennies

I have on many occasions talked about being broke and my debt, and I fully acknowledge that I need to save money yet somehow in the moment it feels ok to drive through somewhere or buy things to make a meal because it sounds good or I am craving it or I really want to watch the next episode of a TV show so I purchase it for $2 on amazon…what is $2 right? The problem is that $2 turns into $6 without me even really thinking about it or truly comprehending in the moment that I just basically bought a Frappuccino from Starbucks.

A few months ago I added up all the misc food spending I did and since then I have been doing a lot better about impromptu grocery runs and fast food runs which has totally helped my budget and my waistline hahaha.

I think it is time to take it a step further and break down everything I spend so I really get a feel for my spending. I think I have said that I grew up in a pretty instant gratification household with a dad (who I love and miss everyday and was an amazing dad but like all humans had his flaws) taught his kids through example that if you want something, throw down some plastic and get it. We all have champagne tastes on a beer budget. Even when we make more money we somehow manage to spend more money.


I am going to use this blog to keep me honest as in I am going to be brutally honest about my finances. From Saturday to Saturday I am going to break down every time any money leaves my pocket/checking account/credit card/etc. And see if it is something I really need or an impulse buy or what. Ready?


Starting checking balance: $500.68

Balance on credit cards

1: so close to paying it off!!! 3 more months!

2: $200 over limit (thankfully they don’t charge a fee)

3: (at limit)

-230.00 from checking account for car payment (yay paying a bill!!! and paying $2 more than is actually owed per month to knock 1 entire month’s payment off at the end)

-4.50 from checking for pajamas from Amazon (not needed, pleasure buy)

-6.19 from checking account for lunch from Subway (not needed, I didn’t make extra biscuits yesterday for my lunch today because I was lazy, so money expended because I didn’t prep fully)

-7.99 from checking for Netflix.com (in theory this should be good because I did it so that when my bf and I get an apt we wont be tempted to pay for cable, and we will go out to the movies less, but it is not a necessity and we haven’t moved yet)

-21.53 from checking for groceries from Grocery Outlet (yay for getting everything I can at the cheap place first)

-10.30 from checking for groceries from Wal-Mart (2 impulse buys here, 4 corn for $1 and Carmel M&Ms, I am not ashamed of the corn buy lol)

My 2 grocery shopping trips went well, for about $30 I made 10 meals last night and have 2 ears of corn left to snack on as well as 2/3 of a rotisserie chicken to put in salads this week and much on. I also have 12 top ramen hahahahahaha. So all in all I can probably weasel about 25 meals out of that $30. Not too shabby.

Ending checking balance: $220.17

Balance on credit card

1: Same as starting

2: same as starting

3: same as starting


Unnecessary money spent $20.02!!!!!!!!!!! A few small things I didn’t think mattered in the moment turned into me basically throwing away a $20 bill.

I will check back in on Tuesday to see how Sunday and Monday went.

Stitch Fix for Europe!!!

Good morning!!!

Europe is coming up quick and after asking my roommate about her packing situation and realizing we have 2 formal dinners on the cruise I thought I might need a little more style to add to my wardrobe for the trip. So I my clothes will be have stylish have workout clothes hahaha. I ordered a stichfix and for the first time gave them a dollar amount that I needed to stay with and they totally listened! She was actually $1 under my budget! I was impressed. But I won’t be keeping the whole box unfortunately. I wish they gave you like 10 things instead of 5. But here is what was in the box:

This necklace is actually on point for my style but so much so that I have at least 2 necklaces that are pretty similar hahaha.

This doesn’t wow me or unwow me. I have been starting to lose weight so in another 10lbs it will look totally cute but I have a few things in this style already.

LOVE this shirt, it is cute and comfy and has Polka Dots which are totally my jam. It is adorable and conservative so I can wear it to the more strict dress code places in Europe like Vatican City. and it is loose a breezy so I shouldn’t be dying on a hot day. This is definitely a keeper.

This dress is the style I love, its empire waist-like and its a dark green color which I love, it would be great in fall with leggings and boots and I like the neckline design, it makes it cute but still classy because it doesn’t really show cleavage. But again I have a dress pretty similar to this so I unfortunately don’t need to spend the extra money on something similar.

The fifth piece is this kimono cover thing. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it. I can see how it would be cute with jeans and a tank top in the fall and the colors are great but I am not 100% sold on it. And if my first thought isn’t “omg I have to have it” then it goes back.

That leaves me with the polka dot shirt. Maybe I will check out target and some discount websites.


Have you tried Stitchfix yet?

Here is my referral code if you have not.




A little catch-up on food

Howdy all!!!

My food has been up and down since the half marathon and I working to get it back on track.

There has been a lot of good.

But there has also been way too much pizza and snacking and things like that so I am trying to reign it back in.

I did a huge amount of food prep just recently that means I will have dinners set for like 2 weeks which is great and cuts down on my food costs on the week in between paychecks. I just need to remember to look in the freezer next week when I plan my meals instead of making new ones.

My stomach has been bugging a little bit again because of all the bad food but not as bad as it was before so I know I am at least keeping a little balance hahahahaha. Let’s turn this bad streak back around!


I was looking on Pinterest for some slow cooker meal prep and came across this, it sounded amazing. Here is the recipe I used from familyfreshmeals.com:

I used veggie crumbles and veggie broth, I also used store bought spaghetti sauce I had in the cupboard to replace the tomato sauce and the v8 juice. I wanted to make the meal as inexpensive as possible so I used everything I already had, all I bought was a can of diced tomatoes and shredded mozzarella cheese to put on top afterwards. I followed the directions and put everything in the slow cooker accept the pasta and cheese and turned it on high. It says to let it cool for 4-5 hours but since my meat is veggie I put the noodles in after about 3 hours then let it cool an additional 45min.

My adorable little crockpot, perfect when meal prepping or cooking for two.


The finished product

It is a little blander than I would like but pretty good. I am excited to keep working on it, I know with a few tweaks it’s gonna be awesome!!!!


After taking this to work and reheating it, I ended up throwing most of it away, the noodles were sooo mushy when sitting for a few days and reheating them. And instead of the flavor improving it got more bland or something. IDK, it did not work for me, I will stick to making real lasagna because that keeps very well for meal prep.