My budget in conclusion

The dread pirate Roberts (or as we call it, the summer cold) has struck! Just days before I head out on my next adventure so I am spending most of my free time asleep.


My only expenditure was re-upping my dogs wellness plan as well as her flea medication prescription oh and I got her some enzyme chew things because I am terrible about brushing her teeth. Total subtracted from checking: $62.44



And then it all goes away….Expenditures:

$66.00 on clothes

$10.29 at target for airplane friendly toiletries

$43.63 at REI on a new sports bra (my others are all 2-3+ years old) and energy gels to help me keep going on the long crazy days

$7.99 at Barnes and Noble……because I have a problem with books (but I had just donated 2 boxes worth of books to Good Will so buying one new book balances out right?)

All bills sent out taking down to less than $200 in my account again.


$9.05 coffee and a breakfast sandwich

$15.00 transferred to my Starbucks card for all the airport coffee I’ll need during traveling.

$10.85 at panda express

I am too tired from being sick to color code it. But overall I don’t feel to bad about these 3 days. A few things could have definitely been cut though.


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