Ahhhh we leave for Europe tomorrow!!!!


I am definitely going to have to take a sleep-aid to be able to get any sleep tonight.

With that statement lets talk about what to do the night before you travel:

Do not take a sleep aid an less than 9 hours before you need to get up. Better safe than sorry.

Double check your list and make sure you have everything. You don’t want to travel to Siberia and realize you forgot your mittens.

Set out what you are going to wear on your journey tomorrow. Check in for your travel arrangements if you can, that is one less thing you have to worry about tomorrow especially if you are running late.

Have snacks ready to take with you so you are not tempted by overpriced junk at the airport.

Double check your suitcase and any carry-ons to make sure everything is where it needs to be.

See you tomorrow for the beginning of another adventure of a lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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