European Cruise: day 1

Traveling from PDX to LAX and LAX to Venice!

I can’t believe this day is here!!! It came soooo fast! That is how i know i’m an adult, things come quicker than i could have imagined instead of dragging out hahaha. 

Wonderful Bf drove me to the airport this morning. 

Starbucks needed before boarding our first flight to LAX

Double decker planes, who knew

Many hours to kill in between flights. 

Now we are waiting for more in our party to join us then its on to Amsterdam with a slightly tight plane change then on to Venice! Talk to you soon!

Woo on the plan to Amsterdam!! We got the ‘extra room’ seats. 

Business class has suites! What does 1st class look like lol. It’s upstairs! Fancy plane lol

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