European Cruise: Day 4 VVFPR

Today is a go, go, go, cram everything in kind of day. We are waking up in Venice and ending the day in Rome.

We got up at 4am (well i woke up at 2am and couldn’t get back to sleep) and caught a train to Verona, the home of Romeo and Juliet! 

We only stayed in Verona about 3 hours, just long enough to catch the major sights. But they were pretty great. We were there right as the city was waking up!

Espresso and a pastry were a must!

We made it to Juliet’s house just as it was opening and beat the crowds, then something amazing happened,  a choir was visiting….just listen.

Found a big church to explore.  It was beautiful inside!

Now its back on the train to Florence!

We stayed in Florence for about 1.5 hours, no where near long enough but I’ll take it over not stopping at all. We got Gelato 

and saw an incredible church

 and some crazy square with insane statues

 and stopped at the Hard Rock Cafe for appetizers, thankfully they had a locally sourced appetizer….and it was delicious!! 

We overestimated our time a bit which left us literally running tp catch our train. 

Back on the train for a quick stop in Pisa!

We were here the bare minimum, just long enough to get to the tower, see it lean, walk in the cathedral, get some dinner and its back on the train to ROME!!
I am soooo exhausted am going to sleep so good tonight hahaha. Even though I’m exhausted I am going to take some melatonin tonight to make sure I don’t have a repeat of last night. 

European Cruise: Day 3 Venice!!!

Today is all about exploring and experiencing everything Venice has to offer…..that I can afford, let’s remember I am on a budget.

Last night we had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe (that is the tourist spot my friends like to hit everywhere) I get it, I like to get the starbucks You Are Here mugs. 

Then we went straight home and passed out!!!! My bed was a little hard on my back so I tossed and turned a bit but we all slept for about 10 hours!! 

Up at 10am, everyone is showering and getting ready! 

Time to explore!

But first breakfast! Espresso and pastry. 

Oh man, did you know you aren’t supposed to drink the tap watsr I’m Venice? So we have to keep thinking about buying bottled water.  

We travelled around on the vapparetto and saw the outside of islands. 

I had pizza in Italy for lunch!!

Then we hopped off the vapparetto and ended up in an almost empty part of Venice which was amazing!!! 

Totally happy I got to see this classic Italy scene!

Piazza San Marco!

Enjoyed a glass of wine in the afternoon and people watched 

Then we took a walking tour

Saw some amazing things 

Then it was Gondola time!

And of course, pasta!!!!!!

And now it’s back to sleep cause we are leaving at 5am to catch a train to Verona! 


European Cruise: Day 2

Wow does it take a long time to get from Portland, Oregon to Venice, Italy! After more than 24 hours of traveling, we have arrived!!! We landed around 4:30pm Venice time.

1st order of business: find everyone and find our AirBnB rental.

It’s a cute little place with 2 bathrooms 3 bedrooms a little loft and a couch and just feet from the Vapparettos and so much more!

Then it was exploring time!
everywhere you look is beautiful 

Saw all this in about 30 min hahahaha!!!!

But man when the tide comes in you can definitely tell that this place is sinking. Walking around after dark gave us wet socks and shoes. 

And oh man the humidity!!!! I never thought of Venice being humid but it is!!!!

Now we are dead tired. Gonna get some food and crash for the night. 

European Cruise: day 1

Traveling from PDX to LAX and LAX to Venice!

I can’t believe this day is here!!! It came soooo fast! That is how i know i’m an adult, things come quicker than i could have imagined instead of dragging out hahaha. 

Wonderful Bf drove me to the airport this morning. 

Starbucks needed before boarding our first flight to LAX

Double decker planes, who knew

Many hours to kill in between flights. 

Now we are waiting for more in our party to join us then its on to Amsterdam with a slightly tight plane change then on to Venice! Talk to you soon!

Woo on the plan to Amsterdam!! We got the ‘extra room’ seats. 

Business class has suites! What does 1st class look like lol. It’s upstairs! Fancy plane lol