European Cruise: Day 3 Venice!!!

Today is all about exploring and experiencing everything Venice has to offer…..that I can afford, let’s remember I am on a budget.

Last night we had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe (that is the tourist spot my friends like to hit everywhere) I get it, I like to get the starbucks You Are Here mugs. 

Then we went straight home and passed out!!!! My bed was a little hard on my back so I tossed and turned a bit but we all slept for about 10 hours!! 

Up at 10am, everyone is showering and getting ready! 

Time to explore!

But first breakfast! Espresso and pastry. 

Oh man, did you know you aren’t supposed to drink the tap watsr I’m Venice? So we have to keep thinking about buying bottled water.  

We travelled around on the vapparetto and saw the outside of islands. 

I had pizza in Italy for lunch!!

Then we hopped off the vapparetto and ended up in an almost empty part of Venice which was amazing!!! 

Totally happy I got to see this classic Italy scene!

Piazza San Marco!

Enjoyed a glass of wine in the afternoon and people watched 

Then we took a walking tour

Saw some amazing things 

Then it was Gondola time!

And of course, pasta!!!!!!

And now it’s back to sleep cause we are leaving at 5am to catch a train to Verona! 


2 thoughts on “European Cruise: Day 3 Venice!!!

  1. Love the photo of the laundry in the alley. I think you could win a travel contest with that! Also think the nighttime photo of you on gondola with Venice lights/background is beautiful. Next is the sad picture where there is graffiti all over building behind you. Sorry to see that in such a historic city. Wish I could have tasted the pasta. Is it anything like ours? It almost looks like there is a slice of pizza under it.

    1. Right? the laundry awesome! The gondola was cool. Yea there is graffiti everywhere, some places are better than others. The pasta in Pisa was delicious!!! Very simple but perfect. Yea it is just like ours.

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