European Cruise: Day 2

Wow does it take a long time to get from Portland, Oregon to Venice, Italy! After more than 24 hours of traveling, we have arrived!!! We landed around 4:30pm Venice time.

1st order of business: find everyone and find our AirBnB rental.

It’s a cute little place with 2 bathrooms 3 bedrooms a little loft and a couch and just feet from the Vapparettos and so much more!

Then it was exploring time!
everywhere you look is beautiful 

Saw all this in about 30 min hahahaha!!!!

But man when the tide comes in you can definitely tell that this place is sinking. Walking around after dark gave us wet socks and shoes. 

And oh man the humidity!!!! I never thought of Venice being humid but it is!!!!

Now we are dead tired. Gonna get some food and crash for the night. 

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