Good morning and happy Saturday!!!!

I am slowly trying to get back into the grove of daily life. I am pretty tired though, part of that is that my cold came back!!! That is somewhat to be expected when I was sick when I left, spent 10 days on a boat with refiltered air and many hours on a plain with refiltered air. I made a giant vat of chicken noodle soup yesterday so I have soup for the week.

Here is a recap of what being home has been like so far.

I started couch25k again to get me back up to my running. I wont do every day but it will be good to get me started again and I can run faster during the run intervals to help with me speed. This was week 1 day 1. I went 1.52 miles. If you want to start running this app is free and great!!! It is how I started running almost wow I think 5 years ago. And now I have 4 half marathons under my belt and bought the $5 app to get me to a marathon with the same program!

Grilled cheese are on the menu as well as soup. I love apple, onion and cheddar grilled cheese on sourdough, so perfect for fall.

Won a Lula Roe contest and got a free item, I picked this tunic. So cute and perfect for fall!!! So comfortable, I may end up living in this.

My food prep before my trip will start paying off now, delicious enchilada!!

Top ramen, before I made my vat of soup.

It has been pretty relaxed. Just spending time with the boyfriend and my puppy and resting. Transcontinental travel is exhausting, but so worth it.

I will slowly keeping finishing my Europe posts as well as settling back into life posts.

Talk to you soon!!!

How are the first few weeks of fall going for you?


I was looking on Pinterest for some slow cooker meal prep and came across this, it sounded amazing. Here is the recipe I used from familyfreshmeals.com:

I used veggie crumbles and veggie broth, I also used store bought spaghetti sauce I had in the cupboard to replace the tomato sauce and the v8 juice. I wanted to make the meal as inexpensive as possible so I used everything I already had, all I bought was a can of diced tomatoes and shredded mozzarella cheese to put on top afterwards. I followed the directions and put everything in the slow cooker accept the pasta and cheese and turned it on high. It says to let it cool for 4-5 hours but since my meat is veggie I put the noodles in after about 3 hours then let it cool an additional 45min.

My adorable little crockpot, perfect when meal prepping or cooking for two.


The finished product

It is a little blander than I would like but pretty good. I am excited to keep working on it, I know with a few tweaks it’s gonna be awesome!!!!


After taking this to work and reheating it, I ended up throwing most of it away, the noodles were sooo mushy when sitting for a few days and reheating them. And instead of the flavor improving it got more bland or something. IDK, it did not work for me, I will stick to making real lasagna because that keeps very well for meal prep.

Weekend Wrapup 

Another one bites the dust and another one gone and another gone, another bites the dust. 

Post run I got to take a quick cold ‘shower’ really it was just a rinse off since even after they ‘fixed’ it, we have no hot water. 

Lunch was the last of my pasta with bolognase sauce

I got to work on my meal prepping. 

My attempt at my yogurt bites

I  cheated on the granola and of course it didn’t turn out well. It tasted good but didnt hold up well. 

Add fruit on top, remember that giant thing of blueberries I got a few weeks ago? I froze most of them

Then into the freezer they went!

They taste like a dessert! It’s wonderful!

I also made a chicken pasta salad

And of course, my sweet baby girl!!!!

Love this photo!!!!

And now chicken is in the slow cooker overnight.  

How was your weekend?

Did you make any good food?

Semi-eventful Saturday 

I chose a bright summer color

After getting our nails done my friend and I got a late breakfast at Danny’s.

The bacon I ate haunted me all day. 

I never made it to the gym, because of course a body at rest stays at rest, but I made it to the grocery store so I could start my meal prep. 

Made a turkey stew with bacon, Turkey and some veggie crumbles

Add lots of veggies


And broth, spices and water. 

20 min before it’s done you add lima beans, 10 min later you add cabbage. 

I made the delicious peanut butter, banana, and chocolate. Here they are assembled but not set

And after they set in the freezer

They don’t look super pretty but they are delicious!!!!! And were actually pretty easy to make. These will definitely be a common occurrence in my meal plans. 

While cooking I snacked on these

And bindge on the TV show scandal. 

Tomorrow I will either be running 10 miles or hiking 10 miles. Not sure yet. 

How was your Saturday?