Weekend Wrapup 

Another one bites the dust and another one gone and another gone, another bites the dust. 

Post run I got to take a quick cold ‘shower’ really it was just a rinse off since even after they ‘fixed’ it, we have no hot water. 

Lunch was the last of my pasta with bolognase sauce

I got to work on my meal prepping. 

My attempt at my yogurt bites

I  cheated on the granola and of course it didn’t turn out well. It tasted good but didnt hold up well. 

Add fruit on top, remember that giant thing of blueberries I got a few weeks ago? I froze most of them

Then into the freezer they went!

They taste like a dessert! It’s wonderful!

I also made a chicken pasta salad

And of course, my sweet baby girl!!!!

Love this photo!!!!

And now chicken is in the slow cooker overnight.  

How was your weekend?

Did you make any good food?

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