Sunday morning run

Good morning!!!!

I got some cuddles while I ate my bagel and watched TV. 

Then we got up and got ready to run

The goal was 11 miles

But this is how far we made it

Since I have family in town I was trying to coordinate when my mom would come over and how far I could run before then.

That is how far I got. I planned on maybe going back out and seeing if mom would walk with me but I made a rookie mistake 


Then mom didn’t want to go out so I jumped on the treadmill to get in a few more miles and ended up with killer cramps. Anytime I would try to run faster or or for longer than half a mile the cramps would get bad, then I’d walk a  bit and they’d go away then start coming back. And I was guzzling Gatorade so maybe I was low on salt which seems insane since I ate out so much yesterday. 

But normally I do half Gatorade half water and a gel or some combination but I always use gels. I didn’t this time so that might have had an effect. Very interesting.  

I got another 1.3ish miles on the treadmill so I got just over 7 miles in today. 

I’ll have to add in another 4 miles somewhere this week. 

How was your morning? 

 What form of energy do you use during your run?

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