Semi-eventful Saturday 

I chose a bright summer color

After getting our nails done my friend and I got a late breakfast at Danny’s.

The bacon I ate haunted me all day. 

I never made it to the gym, because of course a body at rest stays at rest, but I made it to the grocery store so I could start my meal prep. 

Made a turkey stew with bacon, Turkey and some veggie crumbles

Add lots of veggies


And broth, spices and water. 

20 min before it’s done you add lima beans, 10 min later you add cabbage. 

I made the delicious peanut butter, banana, and chocolate. Here they are assembled but not set

And after they set in the freezer

They don’t look super pretty but they are delicious!!!!! And were actually pretty easy to make. These will definitely be a common occurrence in my meal plans. 

While cooking I snacked on these

And bindge on the TV show scandal. 

Tomorrow I will either be running 10 miles or hiking 10 miles. Not sure yet. 

How was your Saturday?

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