Weekend Wrapup

Whew!!!! Just got home from a 12 hour day. Last night the crazy visiting dogs got picked up at 11:30pm so my roommate and I slept in this morning. I got up before she did and watched some TV. I knew I would either be running 10 miles today or hiking. 

After my roommate woke up we chose hiking. We were on the road by 11, this was pretty last minute so we got a very late start.

4 hours later after pooping dogs, stressed out dogs, barking dogs and slow a** drivers, we arrived at the hiking spot.

Only to realize it was the wrong hiking spot. We were in the right area just wrong spot so we drove around for another 10 min until we found it.

And off we went for a walk in the woods!

It was a nice but challenging hike. 1200ish foot elevation gain, mostly in the first 2 miles. 

Artemis likes to run ahead then run back, then run ahead, then run back so she probably did like 12 miles to our 6. I know I kept her well hydrated though cause she peed a lot hahahahaha. 

Beautiful scenery.  

Lots of streams and small river crossings

The last mile had good coastal views. 

I forced her to pose with me, she wasn’t too happy hahahahaha. 

Afterwards back into the car for another 4 hours adventure!!!!

There was traffic of course and we stopped at A&W to get root beer freezes and food. The food is a life choice I am regretting. Also we were seriously in the drive through line for a minimum of 20 min!!!! They were so slow and rude!!!! Bit it was DAMN good food After the hike. I just know my stomach isn’t going to be happy. 

Artemis knocked out until we got to the food then we got back on the road and barked until I rolled the window up while we sat in traffic. Apparently the traffic noises were making it hard for her to sleep because then she credit down and passed back out until we got home. Now she’s passed out in bed. 

The last surprise of the night was a cold shower,  I am guessing our pilot light went out or something. Quick rinse off and I was out. And now it’s time for me to pass out. Goodnight. 

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