StitchFix business edition

Hi!!!! You all know I love stitchfix, if you want to try it follow this link:

There is no commitment, you can cancel or pause anytime you want.

As I have said I am working full time now and the job I got requires me to dress business professional. I had one jacket/blazer (from stitchfix actually hahaha) and one pair of dress pants. I had a few shirts I could rotate around but that is it. My roommate lent me a pair of pants and two blazers indefinitely but even that addition to my wardrobe meant that by the end of the week my clothes were starting to stink a bit. Especially when you factor in that my jacket gets folded up in my bag on top of my lunch either for the ride to and from my car on the train or that plus the 1.5 hours I am in class, that didn’t help the smell.

With all that said, I went to stitchfix, I hadn’t gotten a fix since last august since I have been broke, but I said I wanted a fix, let a note for my stylist that I needed work clothes and this is what I got:


White lace detail top and black (stretch and comfy!) dress pants 

Green sort of pleated top, love the deep green color

Super comfy, again slightly stretchy, navy blazer

And this skirt. Again super stretchy and comfortable. 
I love it all and am keeping it all!!!! Shout out to my aunt for sending me a little money for my bday which helped me pay for it!!!!



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