Tidbits from the week

Week 5 of the quarter done, officially half way through!!! If you don’t count finals week, which I don’t because the insane studying comes before that.

I spend about 3.33 hours a week on the train now, wow when I add it up it seems like so much, along with about another 1.67 hours walking to and from the train. Makes sense why I am blowing through a book on tape every other week hahaha. It also means I spend 3.33 hours a week trying not to fall asleep on the train and miss my stop and sometimes trying very hard to ignore the crazy people around so they don’t try and talk to me.


This was a drinking week for me hahaha I had pizza with Brandon one night and I got those little bottles of Sutter’s home wine it was a nice cheap buzz and another night I opened a bottle of wine that Brandon, that is the BF’s name lol, and I bought on our first roadtrip down to Medford, OR.


The train was running late one day so I walked to the next bus stop to get in some extra steps, it was sunny so I soaked up some vitamin D. Got to walk over a cool bridge.


Got in 2.3 miles of running on Tuesday morning.


She just looked so cute I had to take a picture, don’t judge the clothes on the floor, the next day was laundry day.


I wrote out my May calendar……yikes, that always looks so intimidating at the beginning of the month.


Made slightly healthier top ramen, broke college student over here!!!!!!!!!!!


My Bio lab teacher was looking through this coloring WORKBOOk (I have only looked at coloring books) to see if she liked it and it looked amazing! I totally want it but of course its $75 on amazon.


Wednesday was another beautiful day so Artemis and I soaked up some sunshine by going on a little 2 mile walk down by the river in between my classes.


I actually had Friday off from everything!!! NO work and no school so the BF and I jumped in his car and hit the road for a mini road trip and a hike. We went just outside of Bend to Smith Rock park and did just under 4 miles, we would have stayed out a little longer but some serious wind and clouds started rolling in so we got some dinner and headed home. We hit a little snow over the pass coming back toward Portland and didn’t get home until just after 9pm so it is good we left when we did. A few parts were steep and difficult but overall it was super fun!

And with that I actually accomplished my 3 workouts this week goal!!! Woohoo!!!

2 thoughts on “Tidbits from the week

  1. That hike looked amazing!! I wish I were there to do that stuff too 🙂 keep up the good work!

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