Stitch Fix!!!!

Tomorrow is Friday!!!! Yay!!!!

I got my butt up and went to spin this morning


I was good and had fruit for breakfast


Now for the fun stuff……i got my first Stitch Fix box!!!!!
So in it were a pair of jeans that actually fit perfectly (i can barely do that in the store how did they manage it?) but i just bought myself 2 new pairs of jeans so i can’t justify keeping them.
2nd was this necklace


Which i like but would probably never wear (though i will to work tomorrow lol)
3rd was this top


I like the lace detailing on the sleeves but it does nothing for me so it will be going back.
4th was this top


Which does NOTHING for me
and 5th is this top


I actually really like this top but don’t know if it does anything for me. I am going to wear it tomorrow with the necklace, jeans and boots and see how i feel. This is the only thing i would consider keeping from this box.
I would love your opinion please?
Do you like this top on me?
Yes please be honest.

4 thoughts on “Stitch Fix!!!!

  1. I really like that black polka dot top, I think it’s really cute and I think it’s flattering on you!!!

    1. Thanks Mama and Nicole! I did like it the best but since i didnt LOVE it I sent it back. No point spending money I shouldn’t on something I dont love. I will get another box of clothes at the end of the month. Fingers crossed for this one!

  2. I really like the green one on you. It’s my favorite. It was very flattering to you skin tone and hair color. And looks like you could match it a blazer or something and wear it to work or out on the town and then wear it around the house on your relax day. It’s an all day blouse. Lol. The polka dot blouse was nice and look like it would work really well for work. I don’t think I would wear it other then that tho. Not that it doesn’t look good. I just don’t care for the style of the blouse. The necklace is great. I think it would go with the green blouse better then the other options. With jeans and your hair pulled up in a French bun would look super cute on you. I really like most of what you got too. I’ll check out there website soon too.

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