Saturday stuff

I didn’t set an alarm this morning and did it was wonderful. I love sleeping in. Of course now sleeping in for me is 8am so yea.

Roommate and I took the dogs to the dog park, then off we headed to the gym




I also did the stair master for 7 min. That sh*t is tough!!!

After that my day was spent just relaxing and spending time with my dog since I’ve been out late the last 2 nights.

I made a yummy lunch (with lots of leftovers, happy face)


And treated myself to a Starbucks


My last one as I am going to try to cut out all refined sugar.  One day at a time Ariana, heck one meal at a time for me.

Then Stitchfix showed up! The only bad thing is it showed up early and I am broke until payday next Friday. Thankfully most of it is not flattering this box around. The only thing I wish I could have kept is the dress.


Skirt. It has pockets which is awesome and is semi pleated but doesn’t rock my world


A close up of the top, so unflattering


Another top,  again it just doesn’t sit well on my body. Like at all.



The dress. I actually like it and it’s not something I would normally wear so I would have loved to push myself outside my comfort zone but oh well, maybe next time. So I kept nothing and will send it all back next week.
Oh and there was a jacket I forgot to take a picture of but it was too big.


Mmmmm breakfast for dinner.


Just started reading this. So far I like it.

How was your Saturday?

How much does it suck to live paycheck to paycheck?
A lot!!!
What are you reading right now?

What is the last piece of clothing you bought?

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