TGIF/Farming Fridays

Finally Friday!!!! I’m free again, got my motor runnin for a wild weekend. (from a song)

This week has just dragged and dragged. I feel like i have had no energy and no desire to work. I have felt thoroughly unproductive.


Thursday morning i was up at that time in the morning. Got my swim workout done which was nice but man is that early.

I did Pretty good with my food today which made me happy. I had 1 snickernoodle cookie but i threw away 7-8 cookies.


Yay me!!! I bought cookie dough from someone at work who’s grandkids were doing some fundraiser. Now i am trying to get rid of them without killing my waistline. I hate to throw food away but yea.

So the farming Friday part! I am going to grow some of my own food this year, yep even in a duplex with 2 other girls.

I am going to put 2-3 pots on my deck and hope it holds along with trying to find a few places around our yard that i can container plant.  So far i have 2 different kinds of heirloom tomato seeds, heirloom sweet pepper seeds, organic sugar snap pea seeds and container corn seeds, thats right this  corn was designed to be planted in a container! How awesome is that!!!!

More to come soon!

How has your week been?

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