And another day has come and gone. Once again work just dragged today. It is slowing down after the holidays and we got spolied with two 3day weekends in a row and are paying the price now.

Today was a day off for my from working out and i LOVED it. I was a couch potato and felt no guilt whatsoever. Now it’s 8:45pm and i am about to pass out to get up for my 5am swim session.


My delicious lunch!! They are veggie ribblets, which i know doesn’t sound very appetizing but they are super awesome!


2nd lunch….. Lol the hunger hit and i made a delicious but un-nutritious choice.


The color i am going to dye my hair this weekend…..yes its pink :mrgreen:


My view while journaling……don’t those eyes look awesome with the flash?


One of my goals this year is to journal everyday….so far so good lol.

I write in my triathlete training log, then journal then do a sudoku puzzle


Not a bad way to end the night……

Sweet dreams!!!!!!!

What is your nightly routine?


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