A simple Saturday



Yesterday’s inspirational quote.


Friday night the roommates and i enjoyed a movie-o-thon


A simple outfit for my lunch date today.


Then took the dogs to the dog park for a little run around. I need to start doing that at least once every weekend. It’s good for her to get some of that energy out since we aren’t running outside much in the cold weather.


My pink hair didn’t really turn out pink. It lightened it and gave it a slight pink undertone but mostly it just made it more strawberry. I would call it a fail lol. I will have to go a darker more dramatic color next time i try.

Went bowling tonight with the friend of a roommate…….we had 2 lanes going, 3 of us on one and 4 on the other. After 1 game 1 person left so it was 3 and 3. Well after the second game the teams swapped me without asking or evem telling me. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of life but i just found it so rude and offensive. I got so pissed. I am an aries and a very passionate person, i am usually pretty good and staying calm but this just really pissed me off. I was done, i saw red. I sped us through the last game and told my roommates to get their butts in gear or i was leaving them. I was livid. Yes when back at home and slowly calming down i am seeing that it wasn’t that  big of a deal but i still know i do not ever need to interact with that girl again.

How was your Saturday?

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