Weekend Wrap up

Well today was noty best day ever. I got up still pissed off from the night before so i had no desire to go to yoga at the gym (though of course that is all the more reason i should have) i did the few errands that were pretty necessary like 2 loads of laundry since clean sheets and clothes are sort of a must and I went grocery shopping so i wouldn’t sabbatoge my week before it even started but other than that it was a shitty day.

I went on my coffee date, which wasn’t horrible or anything but i left it so depressed. I got in my car and just wanted to cry.  Dating is just making me miss my ex so much. At this point i don’t want anyone else.

I texted my ex because we had mentioned getting coffee when his work slowed down and i needed to know if that was actually an option or just something he said. I would never really be able to move on if even a tiny percentage of me was thinking it was a possibility. We are going to make plans to meet for coffee this week one day after work.

Truthfully I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about this. It could turn out amazing or i could get my already broken heart shattered into a million pieces.

I guess we will see.

Back to work tomorrow.

How was your weekend?

Any advice for me  in this dating  conundrum?

2 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap up

  1. My weekend was a lazy weekend. The first in quite a few months. So it was really nice to not have much to do but watch tv n eat. Lol.
    I think u are doing well in your dating. I think u are moving at appropriate paces but it seems slow. At least, slower then u would like. Which is totally fine. Everyone is different. Ur ex seemed like a really good guy and u seemed very in to him. I understand that it would be hard to move forward without a proper end. And you are making the right choice in settling the relationship, whether good or bad. I hope all the best for you and I think ur doing well at the dating thing. Better then I would. Lol. Ur an awesome person and u deserve someone really great. Good luck and your awesome, Lady!

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