Insomnia sucks

No I don’t suffer from insomnia on a regular basis, thank goodness!!!

It only happens like once ever few months, adulting catches up and my brain won’t shut off. I have mad respect for people who function on little sleep. I LOVE my sleep and usually get 7-9 hours. 

Yowza it is pouring outside right now. 

Here is a little recap of the last few days

I went on a mini and i emphasize the word mini cleaning spree.

Made some yummy food. 

Semi- homemade pizza. Here is my little tip: put your toppings on first then out your cheese on so you out less on

I love pineapple juice

These are yummy. 

And I got in a short run after my strength training on Tuesday night

Mix in a lot of studying and that is the majority of my week. 

What is your favorite meal?

I have too many to list

Weekend Wrap-upĀ 

My boyfriend lives an hour away so he usually comes out and spends the weekend, before he got to my place I set up a little study nest for myself. 

I was sitting on this for hours while studying 

It was killing my back so I made this

In order to study this

Friday night we watched some Vikings tv show, I had never watched it. 

Saturday we took a roadtrip to the beach, just a day trip

We headed to Astoria and had lunch at the Wet Dog Cafe 


After lunch we saw some protesters 

Then headed to an old fort that Lewis and Clark built to look around 

Then we headed to an old military fort built in the civil war and decommissioned after WWII

After the forts we headed to Seaside and played in an arcade for a little over an hour hahahaha. Then we found a top 50 in America pizza place

It was delicious!!!!

The boyfriend and I LOVE pizza!!! This was so good, it was an olive oil based sauce, very creamy cheese, red onions, artichoke hearts and fresh basil. 

Today was another relaxing day. Tomorrow it’s back to cracking the books. 

Random Saturday stuff

It is 7:45pm and i am exhausted. I am sitting in my room tearing up while watching the wedding in Breaking Dawn part 1. Don’t judge lol. Exhaustion makes people more emotional. I’ve always loved the wedding in this movie and ibwas watching Charlie walk Bella down the isle him totally tearing up and i just got that sad I’ll never have that moment. For those that don’t know my dad died almost 8 years ago some days it still hurts like it was yesterday.

Ok enough with the depressing.



Another 7+ hour day working at the tulip farm. It was a beautiful day so the festival was PACKED. Today was the busiest day they have had in the 32ish years they have been doing this.


My trying to take the  picture and smile while squinting in the sun and not run into anyone.
As soon as i got home i changed into workout clothes because if i sit down i am not getting back up.




Artemis and i got out and ran 2.5 miles in the beautiful day.


My right foot really hates it when i stand on it for 7+ hours then run over 1.5 miles on it.


Yay!!!!! My peas and corn are starting to sprout!! Not much action from the onions and potatos yet though. Fingers crossed.


Easiest healthy dinner. You saute whatever veggies you have in the fridge then pour some bottled pasta sauce over it.


Add a little basil and cheese and shovel in mouth because you are starving and starting to crash.


Then pass out from exhaustion.

How was your Saturday?
Good night.

Wild Mushroom Sauce

Happy Wednesday!!!!
With my box of organic goodies i have been cooking up some delicious stuff!!!!

Thankfully i bought a great book a few years ago that really helps in these situations


This is where i found the recipe for wild mushroom sauce, though i tweaked it to fit my tastes.

I had shitaki mushrooms in my box so that is what i used.

I started with some oil heating in a saucepan


The added onions to cook for about 2 minutes then the chopped up mushrooms


Then i added about 3/4 cup water, rosemary, pepper and garlic powder (next time ill tyr fresh garlic)


Then you let it simmer for 15 minutes.
After it was done simmering i added some cream for richness and flour to thicken and voila! Wild Mushroom sauce


I put it over brown rice.

Let me know how yours turns out!