My Garden is Growing

Today’s post will be a series of videos

This video doesn’t exist

The garden is doing amazing!!! Now when dinner time comes it is like ok, what do we have from the garden that we need to use!


So happy tomorrow is Friday. I am so excited for my running date!!!!!

So i spent my lunch at Starbucks enjoying being outside

Like my free sunglasses from a race?

Pretty awesome

I came home and unpacked 5 boxes

Then the pup and I chilled

Then the roommate, the dogs and I went for a walk

Soooo close but sooooo far from my step goal

Next up was some Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders training camp!

Now check out this delicious homemade dog food!!!

She LOVED it!!! 

Happy Saturday!!!

I slept in this morning and was sooooo happy about it. I three some dog food in the slow cooker 

It had pork, apple, yam

Fresh green beans

And then I picked up some frozen bag so I could rip and dump

This will be my 2nd time making slow cooker dog food. So far Artemis LOVED it. I do 3/4 the slow cooker dog food and 1/4 her kibble stuff. It is much more cost effective for me which is awesome and it’s healthy for her and she loves it. So I see a win win!!!

Then I met my friend and got my nails done

A fun POP color. And I got my hair deep conditioned. It needed it. My hair feels a lot better. Now it’s time to do some unpacking!!! While watching old episodes of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders making the team lol.