Happy Saturday!!!

I slept in this morning and was sooooo happy about it. I three some dog food in the slow cooker 

It had pork, apple, yam

Fresh green beans

And then I picked up some frozen bag so I could rip and dump

This will be my 2nd time making slow cooker dog food. So far Artemis LOVED it. I do 3/4 the slow cooker dog food and 1/4 her kibble stuff. It is much more cost effective for me which is awesome and it’s healthy for her and she loves it. So I see a win win!!!

Then I met my friend and got my nails done

A fun POP color. And I got my hair deep conditioned. It needed it. My hair feels a lot better. Now it’s time to do some unpacking!!! While watching old episodes of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders making the team lol.

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