Finally Friday!!!!!

I dragged my butt out bed and headed to the gym before work 

My gym bag is still packed with stuff so one of my larger purses was my gym bag

Breakfast was subway 

Work wasn’t too bad today, went by pretty quick. 
Was falling asleep just after 3pm, probably because taco bell was my lunch. So I was lucky and someone made me some espresso 

Good espresso too. 

Got home and my roommate and I went to olive garden 

I ate waaaaaaay too much. 

My roommate and I are a little weirded out, when she got home our backdoor was open…..nothing was taken but it was just open and it let all the 100 degree heat in……..I’ll keep you posted on the situation. 

2 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Ok that is the second time the door has been open. I know for a fact that when it happened the weekend you moved, I had heard the kitchen door lock click when you locked it. So, either Artemis knows how to reach up and flip the lock or locks were not changed and someone still has a key!!! I suggest you contact landlord and ask him if locks were changed and tell him why.

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