Running Recap

Here is how my week went:


Monday-2 miles on Couch-2-5k Week 2 day 3



Wednesday- 1.64 miles. Today was a lot slower due to me not feeling great since I ate too much candy!



Thursday-Rest, I made the lazy kid in me very happy. The BF and I ordered Pizza hut and had a Stranger Things season 2 marathon!!!!


Friday- 1.73 miles, much better pace today. And I got to run with my man which makes me very happy.




He doesn’t love to smile, or take pictures hahaha

Saturday- 10min strength training

For a total of 5.73 miles for the week.

As you can see I am starting back slowly.

Also found this awesomeness on Pinterest


This has been awesome and true so far as the temperature drops here. Now I just need to find my gloves and buy some kind of ear cover headband and find a hat if I have one.

How cold does it get for winter in your area?

Do you prefer to run on a treadmill when its cold or still get outside?

This will be my first year really getting outside to run during the winter.

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